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Antique Sterling Silver Bar / Sandwich Tray 21.65″ x 10.25″. Grape & Vine Border

An unusual rectangular sterling silver tray with grape & vine decorated corners. This elongated shape tray is often referred to as a bar tray or a sandwich tray, because of its practical shape, but it’s a very serviceable tray in almost any setting, and ideal as a presentation piece. Made in the USA, by Barbour Silver Company, Hartford CT. From the style, quality & maker, I would date this tray circa 1900. Measures approximately 21.65″ x 10.25″. Tray weighs 1515 grams = 48.75 troy oz = 53.50 regular ounces. Just back from the silversmith, the tray has been polished and is ready to use.

Deco Sterling Silver Flatware Service. Bernard Friedlander, Tel Aviv. 188 pcs

A rare Israeli sterling silver flatware service in a Deco style, by silversmith/jeweler/designer Bernard Friedlander, Tel Aviv, circa 1935. Each slightly flaring rectangular handle with an up-turned squared terminal.  Set comprising:  12 dinner knives 10″ (Stainless Blades) 12 dessert/salad knives 8.25″ (Stainless Blades)  12 fish knives 8.25″ 11 pastry/hors d’oeuvre knives 7″ (Stainless Blades) 11 teaspoons 5.4″ 12 tablespoons 8.35″ 12 dessert spoons 7.35″ 11 iced teaspoons/sundae spoons 7.5″ 12 ice cream spoons 5.35″ 12 coffee spoons 4.5″ 12 dinner forks 8″ 11 pastry forks 6″ 12 salad/dessert 7″ forks  12 hors d’oeuvre forks 5.75″ 12 fish forks 7 1/8″ 12 knife rests 3.25″ All applied with a stylized initial ‘N’. (It could also be a Chet or a Tuff in Hebrew letters) Total weighable silver approximately 250 troy oz = 7,775 gams = 274 regular ounces PLUS you have 36 knives with sterling handles and stainless blades which are not weighed. Total 188 pieces. 

Georg Jensen Acorn Sterling Silver 57 Pieces. Denmark

Acorn By Georg Jensen, sterling silver, Denmark. 57 pieces. Consisting of: 8x Dinner Knives 9″ 8x Dinner Forks 7.35″ 8x Oval Soup Spoons 6.75″ 6x Salad Forks 6.50″ 8x Seafood/ Hors D’oeuvre Forks 5.70″ 8x Citrus Spoons 5.75″ 6x Tea Spoons 5.75″ 5x Coffee Spoons 4.35″ Various dates. Most if not all items are antique or used items, and as such nothing is ‘perfect’, but we always will describe any damage, repair, inscriptions, monograms, etc to the best of our ability. Please ask any questions BEFORE purchasing or bidding on any item. All weights & measurements are approximate but as accurate as possible. Please view all the pictures as they form part of the description. All items are available to inspect and pick up, at our Manhattan gallery. We do not ship to PO Boxes. We use FedEx Ground shipping, and a signature is required for delivery. Don’t forget we offer free ground shipping anywhere on mainland USA. We ship worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping quote.
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Rare Chased & Pierced Vine Sterling Silver Flatware Set by Asprey, 173pcs

Described as the Rolls Royce of patterns, this rare, hand-wrought, hand chased & hand pierced pattern set of Chased & Pierced Vine sterling silver cutlery made by the premier English silversmiths of Asprey & Co. the crown jewelers. Hallmarked, London, 1979. The set of 173 pieces consists of the following: 12 round soup spoons 7″ 12 table knives 10.5″ 12 table forks 8.3″ 12 dessert or salad knives 9.65″ 12 dessert or salad forks 7.25″ 12 dessert spoons 7.55″ 12 fish knives 8.5″ 12 fish forks 7.65″ 12 pastry or fruit knives 7.65″ 12 pastry or fruit forks 6.55″ 12 cake forks 6″ 11 coffee spoons 4.25″ 8 teaspoons 5.25″ Serving pieces: 5 piece meat and fowl carving set 1 soup ladle 2 sauce ladles 2 piece fish servers 2 large basting spoons 2 massive serving forks 2 piece salad servers 6 serving spoons Box measures: 21″ x 15″ x 15 high. REF # PGYRR173BOX

Royal Husk (Kings Husk) Antique Sterling Silver Set For 18 People. By Chawner Circa 1840

Royal Husk / Kings Husk, Antique English, Sterling Silver, Flatware Set For 18 People, Complete With The Original Antique Silver Handled Knives. The Set Made By The Chawner Family Of Silversmiths London 1840. The Spoons & Forks By Mary Chawner And The Knives Were Made By Thomas Chawner. The Royal Husk Pattern, Is Also Referred To As Kings Husk or Husk Pattern.The Set Is In Very Good Used Condition. 90 Pieces Total, Consisting Of: 18 Table Forks 8.25″ 18 Table Knives 10.6″ (Stainless Blades) 18 Table Spoons 8.75″ 18 Dessert / Salad Forks 6.75″ 18 Dessert Spoons 7″ The knives, originally with steel blades have been replaced at some time with the more practical stainless blades.  The Spoons & Forks Weigh A Total Of 5510 Grams = 177 Troy oz = 194.25 Regular Ounces.  All items are antique or used items, and as such nothing is ‘perfect’, but we always will describe any damage, repair, inscriptions, monograms etc to the best of our ability. Returns only accepted if not as described. Please ask any questions BEFORE purchasing any item. All items are available to inspect, and pick up, at our Manhattan gallery.  The Pattern Was Originally Designed By Paul Storr During The Reign Of George IV, And Dates From About 1820’s. The Outline Shape Is Based On The Kings Pattern, Decorated With A Husk Shell. We Will Be Listing More Of This Pattern, So Check Our Other Ebay Listings CHAWNER & CO.Flatware-making is one of the sub specialties of silversmithing.  In the 18th and 19th century the vast majority of spoons and forks were made by specialist “spoon makers” (knives were made by an entirely different tradesman called a cutler). The Chawner family was one of England’s dominant producers of silver flatware in the 19th century. William Chawner II began a seven year spoon-making apprenticeship with the prolific flatware makers William Eley and William Fearn in 1797. He became the third partner of this company in 1808. Seven years later, he set up Chawner & Co. which would become one of the largest producers of silver flatware through the 19th century. When Chawner died in 1834, his widow Mary Chawner registered her own marks and took over with her son-in-law George Adams. Chawner & Co were supplier to the retail houses of Hunt & Roskell, R.& S. Garrard & Co, Elkington & Co. Chawner & Co is renowned not only for quality but the breadth of patterns they offered. Their pattern book from the mid 19th century included 47 patterns, far more than was typical at the time. The company was eventually sold in 1883 to Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater.     We Have A Huge Selection Of English Flatware Pieces To Complete Your Antique Set. We Sell Single Pieces Or Entire Sets & Well As Knives. Check Our Ebay Page For A Small Selection, Or Feel Free To Visit Our Manhattan Gallery To See Our Entire Inventory.  
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Antique English, Sterling Silver Flatware in the ‘Old English’ Pattern, 72 Pcs

Set for 12 people in the Old English pattern. Set consists of the following 12 table spoons approx. 8.5″. 12 table knives (stainless blades) approx. 9.5″ 12 table forks 8″ 12 dessert / cheese knives (stainless blades) approx. 8.5″ 12 dessert / salad forks approx. 7″ 12 dessert spoons approx. 7″ The set is all sterling silver, except for the stainless knife blades. The knives are obviously 20th century, with the stainless blades, the rest of the set is all 19th century, Victorian, of various dates and makers, but all with the same crest of a ‘stag’. There is no crest on the knives. A good, usable, antique sterling silver service, for 12 people.
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Acorn By Georg Jensen. Sterling Silver Set For 12. 72 Pieces

A complete sterling silver dinner service for 12 people in the popular Acorn pattern by Georg Jensen. 12 dinner knives 9″ 12 dinner forks 7.5″ 12 soup spoons 6.75″ 12 salad or fish forks 6.5″ 12 tea spoons 6 1/8″ 12 demitasse spoons 3.75″ The entire set is sterling silver, apart from the stainless blades on the knives. All pieces are fully and correctly hallmarked. We also have a huge selection of extra place and serving pieces in the Acorn pattern to add to this set.

Old English, Sterling Silver Flatware Set Complete For 12 People

A Complete Service For 12 People In The Georgian Style, Old English Pattern. A Timeless Pattern That Compliments Almost Any Style Of Table. Georgian To Modern.  The Set Consists Of The Following 12 Table Spoons 8.5″ 12 Table Knives 10.75″ 12 Table Forks 7 7/8″ 12 Round Bowl Soup Spoons 7 7/8″ 12 Cheese / Dessert Knives 9.5″ 12 Dessert Spoons 6.75″ 12 Dessert / Salad Forks 7 7/8″ 12 Tea Spoons 5.5″ 12 Coffee / Demi Tasse Spoons 4.5″ 6 Egg Spoons 4 1/16″ 2 Gravy Ladles 7″ 1 Stuffing / Basting / Serving Spoon 12″ 1 Soup / Punch Ladle 13.25″ 1 Chutney / Olive Spoon 8″ Everything is sterling silver, English hallmarked, except the blades on the knives which are stainless. The spoons, forks & serving pieces were all made by Goldsmiths & Silver Company, hallmark for London 1921. The knives were made by L.A. Crichton, and hallmarked  London 1910, and the old steel blades have been replaced with stainless blades. Each piece is crested on the front with an upstanding goat, except for the knives which are blank A great set, great pattern, very good maker, very good condition.

Georg Jensen, Scroll Pattern, Complete Set. 72 Pieces

Georg Jensen, Complete Service For 12 People In The Scroll Pattern. Hand Forged, Denmark. Set Consists Of The Following: 12 Dinner Knives (Stainless Blades) 8 7/8″ 12 Dinner Forks 7 1/8″ 12 Soup Spoons 6 3/4″ 12 Salad Forks 6 1/3″ 12 Tea Spoons 5 3/4″ 12 Butter Knives 5 3/4″ The entire set is sterling silver, except the stainless blades on the dinner knives. Everything is original, and fully marked. The Scroll pattern is often referred to as Saga pattern
OE Vict Set

Antique English, Sterling Silver Flatware in the ‘Old English’ Pattern, 72 Pcs

Set for 12 people in the Old English pattern. Set consists of the following 12 table spoons approx. 8.5″. 12 table knives (stainless blades) approx. 9.5″ 12 table forks 8″ 12 dessert / cheese knives (stainless blades) approx. 8.5″ 12 dessert / salad forks approx. 7″ 12 dessert spoons approx. 7″ The set is all sterling silver, except for the stainless knife blades. The knives are obviously 20th century, with the stainless blades, the rest of the set is all 19th century, Victorian, of various dates and makers, but all with the same crest of a ‘stag’. There is no crest on the knives. A good, usable, antique sterling silver service, for 12 people.
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Bright Vine Pattern, Sterling Silver Flatware Set By CJ Vander

A Rare And Complete, Hand Forged, Sterling Silver Bright Vine Pattern Flatware Set Made By CJ Vander.  Set consists of of the following: 12 Table Spoons – 8 1/4″ 12 Table Knives (stainless blades) – 9 7/8″ 12 Table Forks – 8″ 12 Fish Knives – 8 1/8″ 12 Fish Forks – 7″ 12 Cheese/ Dessert Knives (stainless blades) – 8 7/8″ 12 Dessert / Salad Forks – 7″ 12 Dessert Spoons – 7 1/4″ 12 Tea Spoons – 5 3/4″ 12 Coffee / Demitasse Spoons – 5″ Total 120 pieces. All sterling silver, apart from the stainless blades as mentioned
Wiln Cutlery

Bauhaus Inspired, Hand Hammered, Silver Flatware Set for 12 People

German, “800” silver flatware set for 12 people, in a deco style, hand-hammered, Bauhaus influenced design. Made In Berlin, circa 1920s By H.J. Wilm. All with hand engraved “R” monogram. The set consists of the following items 12 table spoons,12 table knives, 12 table forks, 12 dessert spoons, 12 dessert or salad knives, 12 dessert or salad forks, 12 bouillon or compote spoons, 12 fish knives, 12 fish forks, 12 lobster forks, 12 hors d’oeuvre or appetizer forks, 12 cake or pastry forks, 11 ice cream spoons, 12 tea spoons, 11 coffee spoons, plus 26 various serving pieces. Total of 204 pieces.
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Acorn Pattern By Georg Jensen. 204 Piece Set. Complete. European Size

Georg Jensen, Acorn pattern, sterling silver European size flatware set, Complete for 12 people.  Set consists of the following; 12 dinner knives 10″ (stainless blades). 12 dinner forks 7.8″. 12 oval soup spoons 8″. 12 salad forks 7.5″. 12 fish forks 6.6″. 12 oyster / hors d’oeuvres forks 5.7″. 12 pastry / cake forks 5.6″. 12 ice tea spoons 7.2″. 12 butter knives 5.9″. 12 citrus spoons 5.75″. 12 tea / breakfast knives 6.75″ (stainless blades). 12 large tea spoons 6.1″. 12 tea spoons 5.7″. 12 coffee spoons 5″. 12 demitasse spoons 3.75″. 12 compote / fruit spoons 5.25″. 12 fruit forks 5.75″. This is an excellent service, very comprehensive, in the larger sizes and complete for 12. We also have a large selection of serving pieces to compliment this set. Other sets always available, as well as single replacement place pieces and a huge selection of serving pieces.
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Rare, Bright Vine, Hand Forged, Sterling Silver Flatware Set By Asprey & Co. 161 Pieces

English, sterling silver, ‘Bright Vine’ flatware set By Asprey & Co, London. Purveyors to the crown. This is a very rare pattern, and is beautifully hand-forged. The set is fitted into the original three-drawer cabinet, complete for 12 people with a selection of 17 serving pieces. Set consists of the following; 12 table knives 10.25″ (stainless blades). 12 table forks 8.25″. 12 soup spoons 7.125″. 12 fish knives 8.5″. 12 fish forks 7.75″. 12 salad / dessert forks 7.25″. 12 dessert spoons 7.25″. 12 cheese / dessert knives 8.75″ (stainless blades). 12 cake / fruit knives 7.5″. 12 cake / fruit forks 6.5″. 12 tea spoons 5.25″. 12 coffee spoons / demitasse 4.33″. The serving pieces consist of the following; One knife sharpener 13″ (steel blade). One meat carving knife 13″ (stainless blade). One meat carving fork 10.75″ (stainless blade). One fowl carving knife 11.25″ (stainless blade). One fowl carving fork 9.25″ (stainless blade). Two piece salad servers 11″. Two gravy ladles 6.25″. Four serving spoons 8.25″. Four serving forks 8.25″. A total of 161 pieces. Complete for 12 people. I also have two other sets for 12 people, in this rare pattern, so you are able to add to this service if you would like to  seat 24 or 36 people. This is a very rare pattern to find, and condition is near perfect. Excellent hand-forged pattern, excellent maker, great condition. The case measures 24″ x 17″ x 14″ high.   Asprey was founded in 1781 by William Asprey,  originally based in Mitcham, Surrey until the company moved into its current New Bond Street premises. Queen Victoria awarded Asprey a Royal Warrant in 1862, and in the same year Asprey was also awarded a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition. Asprey continued manufacturing and eventually in the mid 20th century, moved the workshops above their New Bond Street store.  
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Onslow, Sterling Silver Flatware By CJ Vander. Complete Set For 12

Onslow By CJ Vander, Georgian House. Service For 12 People With Serving Pieces. 88 Pieces Total. 12 Dinner Knives (Stainless Blade) 10″ 12 Dinner Forks 8.25″ 12 Salad / Fish Forks 7″ 12 Soup Spoons 6.5″ 12 Dessert Spoons 7.25″ 24 Teaspoons 5.65″ 1 Pie / Cake Server (Stainless Blade) 9.7″ 1 Large Serving Spoon 8.3″ 1 Large Serving Fork 8.3″ 1 Master Butter / Pate Knife 6.75″ The entire set is English hallmarked, sterling silver

Elizabethan Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Set By Garrards The Crown Jewelers.

A complete, sterling silver flatware set for 12 people with a large selection of serving pieces in the rare Elizabethan pattern. The set is exceptional quality, and the entire set has been beautifully hand-forged, hallmarked by Garrads the crown jewelers of Regent Street London, 1954. The set consists of the following: 12 dinner knives (stainless blades) 12 dinner forks 12 soup spoons 12 dessert/salad forks 12 fish knives 12 fish forks 12 dessert spoons 12 dessert/cheese knives (stainless blades) 12 tea spoons 12 coffee spoons 12 ice cream spoons 12 pastry forks (stainless blades) 12 pastry knives (stainless blades) 1 carving knife (stainless blade) 1 carving fork (stainless blade) 2 Piece fish servers 2 Piece salad serving set 2 Serving spoons 2 Serving Forks 2 Gravy ladles 1 Olive spoon 1 Sugar sifter 1 Sugar tong 1 Ice cream spade Total 172 pieces.

Bacchanalian, Sterling Silver Gilt Flatware Set For 12. Very Rare Pattern. Complete Service

A Complete Dinner Service For 12 People With A Selection Of 16 Serving Pieces, In The Rare Bacchanalian Pattern. A Beautifully Hand Forged Pattern With Heavily Cast Classical Figures & Ornamentation To Front & Rear Of Each Piece. A Regency Pattern Designed By Thomas Stothard, The Artist & Painter, Who Designed Numerous Unique Silver Patterns For Rundel, Bridge & Rundel, Most Pieces Were Made by Paul Storr And His Succesors, And Were Usually Only Produced For Dessert Services. Stag Hunt, Fox Hunt, Boar Hunt & Mask Were Other Similar Patterns Designed By Stothard For The Silversmiths. Most Of These Patterns Were Made Exclusively  For The Royal Collection. We Have Available For Sale A Custom, Hand Made, Hand Forged Set, Complete For 12 People In The Dinner Size. Made By CJ Vander & Commissioned By Langfords Silver Galleries In London In 1981 For A Wealthy American Client.  Each piece with detailed scenes of the ancient Roman festival in honor of Bacchus. The motif shows Bacchus, the Roman God of wine, riding a lion, whilst Diana looks on, with another figure asleep at her feet. The back of the spoons are also beautifully decorated, with a figural masque over a draped curtain, and tilted amphora of wine. Bunches of grapes and vine leaves complete the decoration. Set consists of 12 of each of the following: Dinner Knife 9.5″, Dinner Fork 8.35″, Round Bowl Soup Spoon 7″, Salad/Dessert Fork 7.25″, Dessert Spoon 7.25″, Dessert/Cheese Knife 8.6″, Butter Knife 6.35″, Tea Spoon 5.8″, Coffee Spoon 4.6″. Serving pieces consist of: 2 Piece Salad Servers 9″, 2 Serving Spoons 8.85″, 1 Serving Fork 8.75″ & Spoon 8.6″, 2 Gravy Ladles 6.5″, 2 Master Butter/Pate Knives 6.5″, Cheese/Bar Knife 8.25″, 4 Salt/Pepper Spoons 4.125″, 1 Mustard Spoon 4.45″. This is an exceptional set, by an exceptional maker, in an exceptionally rare pattern, in excellent condition. Complete dinner service for 12 people. Total of 124 pieces.

Large & Very Comprehensive Sterling Silver Flatware Set In An Early 18th Century Style.

An Exceptional, English Sterling Silver Comprehensive Flatware Set, Complete In Original Fitted Oak Chest. Typical Of The Early Cutlery, The Forks Are All 3 Tyne, And The Knives Are All With The Shell Scroll Pistol Handles. Made By  Sebastian Henry Garrard, Of Garrards The Crown Jewelers And Dated 1916, George IV. The Set Is Complete For 12 With Fish Eaters, Fruit Eaters As Well As Numerous Serving Items, Including Condiment Spoons, Asparagus Tongs & Carvers. The Complete List Is As Follows. All The Items Are Sterling Silver Hallmarked Unless Stated. 12 Table Spoons 12 Table Forks 12 Table Knives (Stainless Blades) 12 Salad Forks 12 Cheese Knives (Stainless Blades) 12 Dessert Spoons 12 Fruit Knives 12 Fruit Forks 12 Fish Knives  12 Fish Forks 12 Tea Spoons 11 Demitasse Spoons (This Is The Only Item Missing From The Entire Set) Serving Pieces Are As Follows: Large Soup or Punch Ladle Large Stuffing or Serving Spoon 1 Asparagus Tong 1Knife Sharpener (Steel Blade) 1Meat Carving Knife (Stainless Blade) 1Fowl Carving Knife (Stainless Blade) 1Meat Carving Fork (Stainless Tyne) 1Fowl carving Fork (Stainless Tyne) 1 Sugar Tongs, Grape Shears 4 Salt/Pepper Spoons 2 Mustard Spoons 1 Cream Ladle 1 Sugar Sifter 2 gravy Ladles 2 Pickle Forks 1 Master Butter Knife 2 Piece Fish Carvers 1 Crumber A Total Of 26 Serving Items. An Amazing Set, Great Early Style, Excellent Quality And A Premier Silversmith, All Fitted In An Oak Chest, Measuring  21 1/2″ x 14 1/8″ x 9″ High. No Monograms Or Initials. 1 Demitasse Spoon Is Missing, Otherwise A Very Complete Service. 

Georg Jensen Acorn Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Set. 204 Pieces Complete For 12 People

One Of A Selection Of George Jensen Sets Currently Available In Our Huge, Ever Changing Inventory. This Set In The Acorn Pattern Is Complete For 12 People. Set Consists Of 12 Of Each Of The Following In The Large European Size: Dinner Knives 10″, Dinner Forks 7.8″, Large Oval Soup Spoons 8″, Salad Forks 7.5″, Fish Forks 6.6″, Oyster/Hors D’oeuvre Forks 5.7″, Pastry/Cake Forks 5.6″, Ice Tea Spoons 7.2″, Butter Knives 5.9″, Citrus Spoons 5.75″, Tea Knives 6.75″, Large Tea Spoons 6.1″, Regular Tea Spoons 5.7″, Coffee Spoons 5″, Demitasse Spoons 3.75″, Compote Spoons 5.25″, Fruit Forks 5.75″. Total of 17 dozens, 204 pieces  Other Sets For 12 & 8 People Also Available. We Also have Individual Pieces As Well As A Huge Selection Of Serving Pieces. All Items Are Available For Inspection At Our Manhattan Gallery Designed in 1915 by Johan Rohde, the Acorn sterling silverware pattern represents the early foundation of Georg Jensen’s organic and timeless design language. In contrast to the Art Nouveau style of the early 1900s, Acorn’s design captures a classic, understated style where decoration is used to emphasise the form and shape. Regarded as both a sumptuous and noble pattern

Mappin & Webb, Queen Anne Pattern Flatware Set, Sterling Silver. 108 Pieces

Sterling Silver, Queen Anne Pattern, Also Known As Rat Tail Pattern, Flatware Service. Complete For 12 People, Consisting of 12 Table Knives, 12 Table Forks, 12 Table Spoons, 12 Fish Forks, 12 Cheese Knives, 12 Dessert Forks, 12 Dessert Spoons, 12 Tea Spoons & 12 Compote Spoons. All Sterling Silver, Except The Knife Blades Which Are Stainless. The Stunning Set Is In Excellent Condition, And Each Piece Is Fully & Coirrectly Hallmarked, Circa 1940. Made by Mappin & Webb, a noted firm of Silversmiths and formerly cutlery manufacturers with roots back to 1774 when Joseph Mappin founded the firm. The company is now a retail jeweler, and Royal Warrant holder.

Empire Pattern, Sterling Silver Flatware Set For 12. Italian

Italian, Sterling Silver, 66 Piece Flatware Set For 12 People With Serving Pieces. Made In Padua/Venice By Zaramella Silversmiths. 20th Century

George Jensen, Acorn Pattern Set For 8 People

Just one of our huge selection of Georg Jensen silver sets. This set complete for 8 people in the ever popular Acorn pattern.

Deco, Sterling Silver Flatware Set In Fitted Cabinet. 183 Pieces

A complete and very comprehensive, English sterling silver hallmarked flatware service for 12 people, made by Emile Viner, Circa 1940, in the deco, Sandringham pattern, his most famous design. Comprising: 12 dinner forks, 12 dinner knives, 12 dessert forks, 12 cheese knives, 12 fish forks, 12 fish knives, 12 hors d’oeuvres forks, 12 hors d’oeuvres knives, 12 dessert spoons, 12 soup spoons, 12 citrus spoons, 12 teaspoons, 12 coffee spoons, 6 serving spoons, 2 salt spoons, 1 mustard spoon, 1 soup ladle, 2 gravy ladles, a 2 piece fish serving set, a 6 piece fowl & meat carving set, 2 vegetable serving spoons, 1 pair of sugar tongs, 2 preserve spades, 1 pickle fork; All with with initial “R” and fitted into an original wood cutlery chest on stand. Just one item from our huge silver collection for sale at our Manhattan gallery, and from our web page

English Sterling Silver Flatware Set In Fitted Cabinet. 200 Piece Set For 12 People

Comprehensive, English sterling silver hallmarked flatware service for 12 people. Just one item from our huge silver collection for sale at our Manhattan gallery, and from our web page

George Jensen Acorn. Set For 12, Complete With Fish & Largest Size Place Pieces

Acorn, By George Jensen, His Most Popular Pattern. Complete Set For 12 People Including Fish Knives & Forks. Dinner Knife Is 9.75″ Long. Dinner Fork 7.75″. Large Oval Spoon Is 8″. Unusual To Find In The Larger Sizes, And Also With The Fish Knives & Forks. We Have A Huge Selection Of Serving Pieces.
chased & pierced vine A

Chased & Pierced Vine Dinner Service. Hugh Set For 38 People

A magnificent service for 38 people, of English hand forged sterling silver vermeil flatware in the chased & pierced vine pattern, made to the highest standards in the world.   Chased and Pierced Vine pattern was first produced by the great Victorian silversmith Francis Higgins for the Great Exhibition of 1851.  It’s now recognized as one of the most extraordinary silver flatware patterns in the world. Each piece of silver flatware is individually hand-forged, and then very carefully pierced and chased, entirely by hand, in the shape of interwoven grapes and vines. This magnificent silver flatware is exceptionally heavy, and brings the height of luxury to your dining-room. This is the Rolls Royce of silver patterns, and is especially suitable for gilding (vermeil or gold wash)

Bright Vine, English Sterling Silver Flatware Set Complete. In Fitted Box

English sterling silver ‘Bright Vine’ pattern flatware set complete for 12 people, including the all silver fish knives & forks in fitted case. Made by CJ Vander. Great quality, condition, maker & pattern. Set consists of; 12 Dinner Knives (Stainless Blades) 9.75″ 12 Dinner Forks 8.13″ 12 Soup Spoons 7″ 12 Fish Knives 8.55″ 12 Fish Forks 7.40″ 12 Cheese / Dessert Knives (Stainless Blades) 8.75″ 12 Salad / Dessert Forks 7.25″ 12 Dessert Spoons 7.25″ 12 Tea Spoons 5″ 108 pieces total. All pieces individually fitted into 4 layers within a 2 drawer cabinet with lift up lid. Cabinet measures 12.25″ x 16.75″ x 9″ high

Deco Silver Flatware Set For 18 People. Comprehensive & Complete

A very large & comprehensive flatware set, complete for 18 people with a selection of 14 serving pieces. Retailed by Antal Bachruch, Budapest, Circa 1920’s. Bachruch was an important silver & jewelry retailer at the turn of the 19th/20th century. The set has 10 place setting per person, as shown in the pictures, and is complete for 18 people.  Set Consists Of 18 Of Each Of The Following:  Table Knives (Stainless Blades) 25.5cm (10 1/8″), Table Forks 22cm (8.75″), Table Spoons 22cm (8.75″), Fish Knives 21.5cm (8.5″), Fish Forks 18.75cm (7.5″),  Salad / Dessert Forks 19cm (7.5″), Cheese / Dessert Knives (Stainless Blades) 21.25cm (8.35″), Ice Cream Spoons 14.25cm (5.65″), Tea Spoons 15.25cm (6″), Coffee / Demi Tasse Spoons 11.25cm (4.35″).
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Antique French Comprehensive Flatware Set. 298 Pieces

A stunning, antique French, silver plated, flatware set complete for 12 people, 20 pieces per place setting. Also included in the set are over 50 serving pieces, all fitted in the original 10 drawer cabinet. Cabinet measures 20.5″ x 16″ x 23″ high.