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Substantial Antique English Sterling Silver Victorian 2 Handled Footed Tray

Substantial, Antique Victorian, Hand Engraved, Sterling Silver Two Handled Footed Tray. Hallmarked On The Underside, London 1882 By Charles Stewart Harris. The Surface Of The Tray With Hand Engrave Foliage Decoration, With Cast Border, Handles & Feet To Compliment. Rare To Find Such A Large Size, Good Quality & Decorative Antique Sterling Tray At This Price, And Also By A Good Maker. Tray Measures 31.50″ x 23″ 6,960 grams = 223.80 Troy Oz = 245.50 Regular Ounces = 15.35 Lbs Most if not all items are antique or used items, and as such nothing is ‘perfect’, but we always will describe any damage, repair, inscriptions, monograms etc to the best of our ability. Please ask any questions BEFORE purchasing any item. All weights & measurements are approximate, but as accurate as possible. Please view all the pictures as they form part of the description. All items are available to inspect, and pick up, at our Manhattan gallery. We do not ship to PO Boxes. We use Fedex Ground shipping, and a signature is required for delivery. Don’t forget we offer free ground shipping anywhere on mainland USA. We ship worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping quote.
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Rare Chased & Pierced Vine Sterling Silver Flatware Set by Asprey, 173pcs

Described as the Rolls Royce of patterns, this rare, hand-wrought, hand chased & hand pierced pattern set of Chased & Pierced Vine sterling silver cutlery made by the premier English silversmiths of Asprey & Co. the crown jewelers. Hallmarked, London, 1979. The set of 173 pieces consists of the following: 12 round soup spoons 7″ 12 table knives 10.5″ 12 table forks 8.3″ 12 dessert or salad knives 9.65″ 12 dessert or salad forks 7.25″ 12 dessert spoons 7.55″ 12 fish knives 8.5″ 12 fish forks 7.65″ 12 pastry or fruit knives 7.65″ 12 pastry or fruit forks 6.55″ 12 cake forks 6″ 11 coffee spoons 4.25″ 8 teaspoons 5.25″ Serving pieces: 5 piece meat and fowl carving set 1 soup ladle 2 sauce ladles 2 piece fish servers 2 large basting spoons 2 massive serving forks 2 piece salad servers 6 serving spoons Box measures: 21″ x 15″ x 15 high. REF # PGYRR173BOX

Royal Husk (Kings Husk) Antique Sterling Silver Set For 18 People. By Chawner Circa 1840

Royal Husk / Kings Husk, Antique English, Sterling Silver, Flatware Set For 18 People, Complete With The Original Antique Silver Handled Knives. The Set Made By The Chawner Family Of Silversmiths London 1840. The Spoons & Forks By Mary Chawner And The Knives Were Made By Thomas Chawner. The Royal Husk Pattern, Is Also Referred To As Kings Husk or Husk Pattern. The Set Is In Very Good Used Condition. 90 Pieces Total, Consisting Of: 18 Table Forks 8.25″ 18 Table Knives 10.6″ (Stainless Blades) 18 Table Spoons 8.75″ 18 Dessert / Salad Forks 6.75″ 18 Dessert Spoons 7″ The knives, originally would have had steel blades but the blades have been replaced at some time with the more practical stainless blades.  The Spoons & Forks Weigh A Total Of 5510 Grams = 177 Troy oz = 194.25 Regular Ounces.  The Pattern Was Originally Designed By Paul Storr During The Reign Of George IV, And Dates From About 1820’s. The Outline Shape Is Based On The Kings Pattern, Decorated With A Husk Shell. We Will Be Listing More Of This Pattern, So Check Our Other Ebay Listings CHAWNER & CO.Flatware-making is one of the sub specialties of silversmithing.  In the 18th and 19th century the vast majority of spoons and forks were made by specialist “spoon makers” (knives were made by an entirely different tradesman called a cutler). The Chawner family was one of England’s dominant producers of silver flatware in the 19th century. William Chawner II began a seven year spoon-making apprenticeship with the prolific flatware makers William Eley and William Fearn in 1797. He became the third partner of this company in 1808. Seven years later, he set up Chawner & Co. which would become one of the largest producers of silver flatware through the 19th century. When Chawner died in 1834, his widow Mary Chawner registered her own marks and took over with her son-in-law George Adams. Chawner & Co were supplier to the retail houses of Hunt & Roskell, R.& S. Garrard & Co, Elkington & Co. Chawner & Co is renowned not only for quality but the breadth of patterns they offered. Their pattern book from the mid 19th century included 47 patterns, far more than was typical at the time. The company was eventually sold in 1883 to Holland, Aldwinckle & Slater. Most if not all items are antique or used items, and as such nothing is ‘perfect’, but we always will describe any damage, repair, inscriptions, monograms etc to the best of our ability. Please ask any questions BEFORE purchasing or bidding on any item. All weights & measurements are approximate, but as accurate as possible. Please view all the pictures as they form part of the description. All items are available to inspect, and pick up, at our Manhattan gallery. We do not ship to PO Boxes. We use Fedex Ground shipping, and a signature is required for delivery. Don’t forget we offer free ground shipping anywhere on mainland USA. We ship worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping quote. 

Kings Pattern, Sterling Silver Fish Knives & Forks, Mappin & Webb, 24 Pieces

English, Sterling Silver, Fish Knives & Fish Forks For 12 People In The Kings Pattern. Made By Mappin & Webb, Dated 1928. The Set Is Solid Silver, The Handles & The Blades, And The Handles Are Not Filled Or Weighted So They Won’t Separate From The Blade. 12 Knives 8.75″ Long. 12 Forks 7.50″ Long. All Fully & Correctly Hallmarked With The Same Date & Makers Marks
pierced ladle

Stag Hunt, Antique Sterling Silver Pierced Ladle, Very Rare, By Hunt & Roskell

Antique English, sterling silver, pierced ladle in the rare Stag Hunt pattern. Made In London By Hunt & Roskell, Silversmiths & Jewelers To Queen Victoria. The bowl is nicely gilded on the inside. The ladle Is 8 1/8″ long with a bowl diameter of 2 1/2″ Stag Hunt is a very rare Regency pattern designed for Rundell Bridge & Rundell by Stothard. The pattern was originally made by Paul Storr but Storr’s successors continued to make this design later into the 19th and 20th century The image of the stag hunt on the front of the stem is very graphic and well executed while the reverse of the stem has a striking classical design. Hunt & Roskell, a firm of manufacturing and retail jewellers and silversmiths, was founded by Paul Storr in 1819, trading as Storr & Co. (1819-1822), Storr & Mortimer (1822-1838), Mortimer & Hunt (1838-1843) and then Hunt & Roskell (1843-1897). Hunt & Roskell had retail premises at 156 New Bond Street and a manufactory at 26 Harrison Street, near Clerkenwell. John Samuel Hunt, who had assisted Storr from the start, continued as a partner until his death in 1865, when he was succeeded by his son, John Hunt (d.1879). Robert Roskell, formerly a watchmaker and merchant of Liverpool, joined in 1844 and remained in the firm until his death in 1888. In 1889 the firm was taken over by J.W. Benson and continued in business as Hunt & Roskell Ltd until circa 1965.
OE Vict Set

Antique English, Sterling Silver Flatware in the ‘Old English’ Pattern, 72 Pcs

Set for 12 people in the Old English pattern. Set consists of the following 12 table spoons approx. 8.5″. 12 table knives (stainless blades) approx. 9.5″ 12 table forks 8″ 12 dessert / cheese knives (stainless blades) approx. 8.5″ 12 dessert / salad forks approx. 7″ 12 dessert spoons approx. 7″ The set is all sterling silver, except for the stainless knife blades. The knives are obviously 20th century, with the stainless blades, the rest of the set is all 19th century, Victorian, of various dates and makers, but all with the same crest of a ‘stag’. There is no crest on the knives. A good, usable, antique sterling silver service, for 12 people.

Antique English, Sterling Silver Queens Pattern Salad Servers. (English Kings)

Exceptional Quality Pr. Of Antique English, Sterling Silver Queens Pattern Salad Servers Made By William Eley In London, 1837. The Queens Pattern Was Later Copied By Tiffany & Co In New York In 1885 And They Called It English Kings. 12.5″ Long. Both Are Fully & Correctly Hallmarked On Rear Of Each Spoon
ice cream

Antique English, Kings Pattern, Rare Pair Of Ice Cream Servers.

An Unusual, Antique, Sterling Silver Ice Cream Servers In The Kings Pattern. Made In London By George Adams In 1871. Both Are Crested On Front With What Looks To Be A Regimental Crest Of 104 Inside An Orb With Flowers. Both Are Fully & Correctly Hallmarked On The Rear. George Adams Was One Of The Premier Silver Flatware Makers Of The Victorian Period

Guild Of Handicrafts, Seal Top, Spoon

Sterling Silver Seal Top Hand Forged Spoon Made By The Guild Of Handicrafts, London 1931. The Spoon Is Adorned With A Hand Engraved Inscription ‘ A Peaceful Haven’, And The Year 1931 Is Engraved On The Seal.  Spoon Is 7″ The Guild Of Handicrafts is one of the more famous names in the world of silversmithing and one that still continues to this very day. Started in 1888 by C R Ashbee, part of that great Arts and Craft movement and G of H is the last survivor of Ashbee’s vision. C R Ashbee originally set up his ‘School of Handicraft’ at Toynbee Hall in the East End of London, in 1891 it moved to Essex House on the Mile End Road and in 1898 converted into a limited liability company, opening showrooms at 16a Brook Street and 67a Bond Street in the West End of London. In 1902 Ashbee moved the Guild, including some fifty craftsmen covering many trades and their families, lock, stock and barrel, to Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire. The name ‘Essex House’ was retained and there was great hope for the future of the Guild. Ashbee’s great experiment, however, was not a commercial success and in 1908 the company was voluntarily wound up because of its debts. This, however was not the end of the Guild. Of all the lines that the former company produced, its metalwork, and especially its silver production, was always the most well received by the public, with this in mind, a group of workers stayed on at Essex House and a new business, still retaining the name Guild of Handicraft was formed, its partners were; George Henry Hart, John Kirsten Baily, George Edward Horwood and William Mark. This partnership was short lived and lasted just four years and was dissolved at the end of 1912. Undeterred, George Hart continued on alone at Essex House. He was granted his Freedom by the Goldsmiths’ Company in 1929 and made a Liveryman in 1933. George Hart ran his business in a special way, everything that came out of his workshop was hand crafted, with the exception of an ancient hand roller, there was no machinery, everything was produced by the skill of his own hands. These skills have been passed down from generation to generation, firstly to George’s son, Henry, and then to his son, David, who in turn taught his son, William and nephew, Julian along with Derek Elliott. It is these four that work in the business today. The workshops are what can only be described as a time capsule, everything is just the way it was in George’s time.   George Hart died on the 21st October 1973. 
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Vine Pattern, Sterling Silver Flatware Set By CJ Vander

A Rare And Complete, Hand Forged, Sterling Silver Vine Pattern Flatware Set Made By CJ Vander. Set consists of of the following: 12 Table Spoons – 8 1/4″ 12 Table Knives (stainless blades) – 9 7/8″ 12 Table Forks – 8″ 12 Fish Knives – 8 1/8″ 12 Fish Forks – 7″ 12 Cheese/ Dessert Knives (stainless blades) – 8 7/8″ 12 Dessert / Salad Forks – 7″ 12 Dessert Spoons – 7 1/4″ 12 Tea Spoons – 5 3/4″ 12 Coffee / Demitasse Spoons – 5″ Total 120 pieces. All sterling silver, apart from the stainless blades as mentioned
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Onslow, Sterling Silver Flatware By CJ Vander. Complete Set For 12

Onslow By CJ Vander, Georgian House. Service For 12 People With Serving Pieces. 88 Pieces Total. 12 Dinner Knives (Stainless Blade) 10″ 12 Dinner Forks 8.25″ 12 Salad / Fish Forks 7″ 12 Soup Spoons 6.5″ 12 Dessert Spoons 7.25″ 24 Teaspoons 5.65″ 1 Pie / Cake Server (Stainless Blade) 9.7″ 1 Large Serving Spoon 8.3″ 1 Large Serving Fork 8.3″ 1 Master Butter / Pate Knife 6.75″ The entire set is English hallmarked, sterling silver

Elizabethan Pattern Sterling Silver Flatware Set By Garrards The Crown Jewelers.

A complete, sterling silver flatware set for 12 people with a large selection of serving pieces in the rare Elizabethan pattern. The set is exceptional quality, and the entire set has been beautifully hand-forged, hallmarked by Garrads the crown jewelers of Regent Street London, 1954. The set consists of the following: 12 dinner knives (stainless blades) 12 dinner forks 12 soup spoons 12 dessert/salad forks 12 fish knives 12 fish forks 12 dessert spoons 12 dessert/cheese knives (stainless blades) 12 tea spoons 12 coffee spoons 12 ice cream spoons 12 pastry forks (stainless blades) 12 pastry knives (stainless blades) 1 carving knife (stainless blade) 1 carving fork (stainless blade) 2 Piece fish servers 2 Piece salad serving set 2 Serving spoons 2 Serving Forks 2 Gravy ladles 1 Olive spoon 1 Sugar sifter 1 Sugar tong 1 Ice cream spade Total 172 pieces.

Bacchanalian, Sterling Silver Gilt Flatware Set For 12. Very Rare Pattern. Complete Service

A Complete Dinner Service For 12 People With A Selection Of 16 Serving Pieces, In The Rare Bacchanalian Pattern. A Beautifully Hand Forged Pattern With Heavily Cast Classical Figures & Ornamentation To Front & Rear Of Each Piece. A Regency Pattern Designed By Thomas Stothard, The Artist & Painter, Who Designed Numerous Unique Silver Patterns For Rundel, Bridge & Rundel, Most Pieces Were Made by Paul Storr And His Succesors, And Were Usually Only Produced For Dessert Services. Stag Hunt, Fox Hunt, Boar Hunt & Mask Were Other Similar Patterns Designed By Stothard For The Silversmiths. Most Of These Patterns Were Made Exclusively  For The Royal Collection. We Have Available For Sale A Custom, Hand Made, Hand Forged Set, Complete For 12 People In The Dinner Size. Made By CJ Vander & Commissioned By Langfords Silver Galleries In London In 1981 For A Wealthy American Client.  Each piece with detailed scenes of the ancient Roman festival in honor of Bacchus. The motif shows Bacchus, the Roman God of wine, riding a lion, whilst Diana looks on, with another figure asleep at her feet. The back of the spoons are also beautifully decorated, with a figural masque over a draped curtain, and tilted amphora of wine. Bunches of grapes and vine leaves complete the decoration. Set consists of 12 of each of the following: Dinner Knife 9.5″, Dinner Fork 8.35″, Round Bowl Soup Spoon 7″, Salad/Dessert Fork 7.25″, Dessert Spoon 7.25″, Dessert/Cheese Knife 8.6″, Butter Knife 6.35″, Tea Spoon 5.8″, Coffee Spoon 4.6″. Serving pieces consist of: 2 Piece Salad Servers 9″, 2 Serving Spoons 8.85″, 1 Serving Fork 8.75″ & Spoon 8.6″, 2 Gravy Ladles 6.5″, 2 Master Butter/Pate Knives 6.5″, Cheese/Bar Knife 8.25″, 4 Salt/Pepper Spoons 4.125″, 1 Mustard Spoon 4.45″. This is an exceptional set, by an exceptional maker, in an exceptionally rare pattern, in excellent condition. Complete dinner service for 12 people. Total of 124 pieces.

Fiddle Pattern Asparagus Tongs – Sterling Silver, Victorian

Antique Victorian, Sterling Silver Asparagus Serving Tongs. London 1856, In The Fiddle Pattern, With Beautiful Hand Pierced Blades. Fully & Correctly Hallmarked. Made By Francis Hiigins. 9.5″ Long

Set Of 12 Antique Quality Hand Forged Knives

Set Of 12 Sterling Silver Hand Forged Knives In The Kings Pattern. These Extra Large Knives Are An EXACT Copy Of The Antique Knives Of The 19th Century, But Made With Stainless Blades, As Opposed To The Regular, Rust Prone, Regular Steel Blade, Pre 1910. The Length Of This Knife Is 10 5/8″ Long, And Each Knife Weighs In At About 4.20 troy oz. Gross Weight Each. I Am Giving You The Weight, So That You Can Get An Idea Of The Quality, I am Not Trying To Sell You Them By The Oz., As They Have The Stainless Blade Included In That Gross Weight. This Is The Best Quality Knife Available, And Will Compliment Any Good Antique English Sterling Silver Set…Other Patterns Available…Table/Dinner & Dessert/Cheese/Luncheon Knives ..Other Sizes & Qualities Also Available, But These Are THE BEST… We Can Supply Single Knives Or Entire Sets.. I Also Have A Large Inventory Of English & European Flatware Sets, And Individual/Odd Pieces To Help You Finish Off Your Set..Feel Free To Contact Us For ANY Of Your Silver Requests.. 

Dinner Knife In The Chased & Pierced Vine Pattern By CJ Vander

10 1/4″ Long Table Knife In The Chased & Pierced Vine Pattern By CJ Vander, Late 20th Century Hallmarks. 18 Knives Available @ $300 Each. Handle Is Sterling Silver, Blade Is Stainless. The Handle Has A Blank Space On One Side For An Initial Or Monogram. 19 Of The 8 3/4″ Cheese Or Dessert Knives Also Available

Set Of 12 English Pistol Handled Dinner Knives

12 English, Sterling Silver, Pistol Handled Dinner / Table Knives. Sterling Silver Handle With Stainless Steel Blades, But In The True Georgian Style. The Beauty Of The Pistol Handle, Is That It Will Compliment Almost Any Silver Pattern.     9 5/8″ Long We Also Have A Large Inventory Of Antique & 20th Century English Sterling Silver Flatware, In Almost All Patterns. Single Pieces And Entire Sets… Feel Free To Contact Us For More Information..
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18 Royal Husk or Kings Husk Pattern English Sterling Silver Knives.

English Sterling Silver Handled Dinner Knives In The Royal Husk Pattern, Sometimes Referred To As The Kings Husk Pattern. 9.7″ Long. Blades Are Stainless. Price Is For 18 Knives. Contact Us For Price For 6, 12 Or More Makers Mark T.S. Hallmark For 2004. Very Good Used Condition. No Splits, No Monograms, No Damage. We Have A Huge Selection Of English Sterling Silver Knives In Stock, In All Patterns. We Also Have A Huge Selection Of English Flatware Pieces To Complete Your Antique Set. We Sell Single Pieces Or Entire Sets. Check Our Web page For A Small Selection, Or Feel Free To Visit Our Manhattan Gallery To See Our Entire Inventory.

Set Of 12 ‘Fiddle Thread & Shell’ Pattern English Silver Knives

Set Of 12 English Sterling Silver Knives In The Bead Pattern. Many Other Knives Available In Various Pattern’s. We Also Have A Large Inventory Of Antique English Sterling Silver Flatware. You Can Buy 1 Piece Or Entire Sets.. Please Feel Free To Contact Us…212.758.4858….estatesilver. com

Sterling Silver Knives With Pistol Handle. English

Set Of 12 Octagonal Pistol Table Knives. Made In England, With Sterling Silver Handles & Stainless Steel Blades. Also available In The Dessert/Salad/Cheese Size. Just One Of A Variety Of New Knives Available To match Almost Any Antique Flatware Set. We Sell Individual Place Pieces And Entire Sets. All Styles & Periods Available. Antique English Flatware Is Just One Of Our Many Specialties. We Have Over 20,000 Pieces Of Flatware Always In Stock. Some New Knives May Have To Be Made To Order, So Please Allow Extra Time For Delivery.

Complete Set Of 12 pr. English Silver Fish Knives & Forks

An English Sterling Silver Fish Set, Fitted In Wood Case, Complete For 12 People, In The Thread Pattern. 12 Knives & 12 Forks. Sterling Hallmarked Handles & Hallmarked Blades

Kings Pattern, Sterling Silver Tea Spoons

I’ve Got A Huge Selection Of Antique English Flatware. Sets & Single Pieces. Over 150 Various Kings Pattern Tea Spoons. Priced Individually For $77.00 Each. I Can Also Supply In Sets Of 2, 4, 6, 8 Or 12. Please Contact Us To Replace Any Lost Spoons, Forks Or Knives For Any Of Your English Silver Flatware Sets. 18th, 19th & 20th Century

Antique Kings Pattern Sterling Silver Dessert Forks

I’ve Got A Huge Selection Of Antique English Flatware. Sets & Single Pieces. Over 100 Various Kings Pattern Dessert Forks, Often Called Salad Forks. Priced Individually For $150.00 Each. I Can Also Supply In Sets Of 2, 4, 6, 8 Or 12. Please Contact Us To Replace Any Lost Spoons, Forks Or Knives For Any Of Your English Silver Flatware Sets. 18th, 19th & 20th Century, In Any Pattern.

Set Of 12, Sterling Silver Pitol handled Dinner / Table Knives

A Set Of 12 Sterling Silver, Pistol Handled Table / Dinner Knives. Made By LA Crichton, London, 1930. The Handles Are Sterling Silver, The Blades Stainless Steel. Each Handle Is Fully & Correctly hallmarked. These Are Large Size Dinner Knives Measuring 9 7/8″ Long. The Handles Are Solid Silver And Are Not Filled Or Weighted. They Are Hard Soldered To The Blades And Will Not Separate.

Antique English, Sterling Silver Asparagus Tongs

Antique English Asparagus Tongs, With Hand Engraved Camel Crest. London. 9.2″ Long. William IV, London 1831

Large & Very Comprehensive Sterling Silver Flatware Set In An Early 18th Century Style.

An Exceptional, English Sterling Silver Comprehensive Flatware Set, Complete In Original Fitted Oak Chest. Typical Of The Early Cutlery, The Forks Are All 3 Tyne, And The Knives Are All With The Shell Scroll Pistol Handles. Made By  Sebastian Henry Garrard, Of Garrards The Crown Jewelers And Dated 1916, George IV. The Set Is Complete For 12 With Fish Eaters, Fruit Eaters As Well As Numerous Serving Items, Including Condiment Spoons, Asparagus Tongs & Carvers. The Complete List Is As Follows. All The Items Are Sterling Silver Hallmarked Unless Stated. 12 Table Spoons 12 Table Forks 12 Table Knives (Stainless Blades) 12 Salad Forks 12 Cheese Knives (Stainless Blades) 12 Dessert Spoons 12 Fruit Knives 12 Fruit Forks 12 Fish Knives  12 Fish Forks 12 Tea Spoons 11 Demitasse Spoons (This Is The Only Item Missing From The Entire Set) Serving Pieces Are As Follows: Large Soup or Punch Ladle Large Stuffing or Serving Spoon 1 Asparagus Tong 1Knife Sharpener (Steel Blade) 1Meat Carving Knife (Stainless Blade) 1Fowl Carving Knife (Stainless Blade) 1Meat Carving Fork (Stainless Tyne) 1Fowl carving Fork (Stainless Tyne) 1 Sugar Tongs, Grape Shears 4 Salt/Pepper Spoons 2 Mustard Spoons 1 Cream Ladle 1 Sugar Sifter 2 gravy Ladles 2 Pickle Forks 1 Master Butter Knife 2 Piece Fish Carvers 1 Crumber A Total Of 26 Serving Items. An Amazing Set, Great Early Style, Excellent Quality And A Premier Silversmith, All Fitted In An Oak Chest, Measuring  21 1/2″ x 14 1/8″ x 9″ High. No Monograms Or Initials. 1 Demitasse Spoon Is Missing, Otherwise A Very Complete Service. 

Mappin & Webb, Queen Anne Pattern Flatware Set, Sterling Silver. 108 Pieces

Sterling Silver, Queen Anne Pattern, Also Known As Rat Tail Pattern, Flatware Service. Complete For 12 People, Consisting of 12 Table Knives, 12 Table Forks, 12 Table Spoons, 12 Fish Forks, 12 Cheese Knives, 12 Dessert Forks, 12 Dessert Spoons, 12 Tea Spoons & 12 Compote Spoons. All Sterling Silver, Except The Knife Blades Which Are Stainless. The Stunning Set Is In Excellent Condition, And Each Piece Is Fully & Coirrectly Hallmarked, Circa 1940. Made by Mappin & Webb, a noted firm of Silversmiths and formerly cutlery manufacturers with roots back to 1774 when Joseph Mappin founded the firm. The company is now a retail jeweler, and Royal Warrant holder.

William & Mary Pattern Dinner Knives By CJ Vander

Sterling Silver handled Dinner Knives By CJ Vander In The William & Mary Pattern, Sometimes Referred  To As Charles II Pattern. 9.78″ Long. Blades Are Stainless. Price Per Knife Is $105.00 Call Or Email For Volume Discount & Discounted Shipping.  We Have A Huge Selection Of CJ Vander Knives In Stock In All Patterns. We Also Have A Huge Selection Of English Flatware Pieces To Complete Your Antique Set. We Sell Single Pieces Or Entire Sets. Check Our Web page For A Small Selection, Or Feel Free To Visit Our Manhattan Gallery To See Our Entire Inventory.

Art Nouveau, Cake Knife & Fork. Antique English, Sterling Silver

Beautiful Art Nouveau, Antique Victorian, English Cake Knife & Fork With Sterling Silver Handles & Blades. The Handle With Entwined Leaves & Berries, The Blades Hand Engraved With Trailing Leaves. Made By Savory Brothers, London 1888. Knife Is 11.5″ Long. Fork Is 9″ Long. Both Are Fully & Correctly Hallmarked.
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Set Of 12 Shell Pattern, Large Sterling Silver Knives

Fantastic Quality, English, 12 Sterling Silver Handled Knives With Shell Pattern. We Have Another Set Available If You Need 24. 10.75″ Long. Sterling Handle & Stainless Blades. To Give You An Idea Of Quality, These Knives Have A Total Gross Weight Of About 130 Grams Each. We have a HUGE selection of antique silver flatware. Matching service for 1 piece or entire sets. We also have a huge selection of replacement sterling silver knives in most antique English patterns, including pistol handle. All items are available for sale in our Manhattan gallery, or feel free to email us EstateSilver@yahoo.com for pictures & prices etc. Estate & Antique Silver is our ONLY business. 
  • $2,800.00
  • $1,650.00

Deco, Sterling Silver Flatware Set In Fitted Cabinet. 183 Pieces

A complete and very comprehensive, English sterling silver hallmarked flatware service for 12 people, made by Emile Viner, Circa 1940, in the deco, Sandringham pattern, his most famous design. Comprising: 12 dinner forks, 12 dinner knives, 12 dessert forks, 12 cheese knives, 12 fish forks, 12 fish knives, 12 hors d’oeuvres forks, 12 hors d’oeuvres knives, 12 dessert spoons, 12 soup spoons, 12 citrus spoons, 12 teaspoons, 12 coffee spoons, 6 serving spoons, 2 salt spoons, 1 mustard spoon, 1 soup ladle, 2 gravy ladles, a 2 piece fish serving set, a 6 piece fowl & meat carving set, 2 vegetable serving spoons, 1 pair of sugar tongs, 2 preserve spades, 1 pickle fork; All with with initial “R” and fitted into an original wood cutlery chest on stand. Just one item from our huge silver collection for sale at our Manhattan gallery, and from our web page www.EstateSilver.com.

English Sterling Silver Flatware Set In Fitted Cabinet. 200 Piece Set For 12 People

Comprehensive, English sterling silver hallmarked flatware service for 12 people. Just one item from our huge silver collection for sale at our Manhattan gallery, and from our web page www.EstateSilver.com.

Fish Knives & Forks. 18 Pairs. English Sterling Silver

18 Pair (36 Pieces), English Sterling Silver Fish Knives & Forks In Original 3 Tiered Case. Made In London 1908. Knife Is 8.75″ Long, Fork 7.75″. Thread Pattern. Each Piece Is Fully & Correctly Hallmarked, And Has A Beautiful Hand Engraved Monogram
chased & pierced vine A

Chased & Pierced Vine Dinner Service. Hugh Set For 46 People. 276 Pieces.

A magnificent service for 46 people, of English hand forged sterling silver vermeil flatware in the rare chased & pierced vine pattern, made to the highest standards in the world.   Chased and Pierced Vine pattern was first produced by the great Victorian silversmith Francis Higgins for the Great Exhibition of 1851.  It’s now recognized as one of the most extraordinary silver flatware patterns in the world. Each piece of silver flatware is individually hand-forged, and then very carefully pierced and chased, entirely by hand, in the shape of interwoven grapes and vines. This magnificent silver flatware is exceptionally heavy, and brings the height of luxury to your dining-room. This is the Rolls Royce of silver patterns, and is especially suitable for gilding (vermeil or gold wash)

Bright Vine, English Sterling Silver Flatware Set Complete. In Fitted Box

English sterling silver ‘Bright Vine’ pattern flatware set complete for 12 people, including the all silver fish knives & forks in fitted case. Made by CJ Vander. Great quality, condition, maker & pattern. Set consists of; 12 Dinner Knives (Stainless Blades) 9.75″ 12 Dinner Forks 8.13″ 12 Soup Spoons 7″ 12 Fish Knives 8.55″ 12 Fish Forks 7.40″ 12 Cheese / Dessert Knives (Stainless Blades) 8.75″ 12 Salad / Dessert Forks 7.25″ 12 Dessert Spoons 7.25″ 12 Tea Spoons 5″ 108 pieces total. All pieces individually fitted into 4 layers within a 2 drawer cabinet with lift up lid. Cabinet measures 12.25″ x 16.75″ x 9″ high

Coburg Pattern Dinner Knives – Englsih Sterling Silver Hallmarked

English, Sterling Silver hallmarked Dinner Knives In The Coburg Pattern. Handle Is Sterling, Blade Is Stainless. We have a large number of Coburg pattern knives available. $150.00 EACH Knife Many other patterns available. Kings, Queens, Shell, Thread, Thread & Shell, Pistol, Old English, Rattail, Queen Anne, Royal Husk, Bead and others