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Rare Chased & Pierced Vine Sterling Silver Flatware Set by Asprey, 173pcs

Described as the Rolls Royce of patterns, this rare, hand-wrought, hand chased & hand pierced pattern set of Chased & Pierced Vine sterling silver cutlery made by the premier English silversmiths of Asprey & Co. the crown jewelers. Hallmarked, London, 1979. The set of 173 pieces consists of the following: 12 round soup spoons 7″ 12 table knives 10.5″ 12 table forks 8.3″ 12 dessert or salad knives 9.65″ 12 dessert or salad forks 7.25″ 12 dessert spoons 7.55″ 12 fish knives 8.5″ 12 fish forks 7.65″ 12 pastry or fruit knives 7.65″ 12 pastry or fruit forks 6.55″ 12 cake forks 6″ 11 coffee spoons 4.25″ 8 teaspoons 5.25″ Serving pieces: 5 piece meat and fowl carving set 1 soup ladle 2 sauce ladles 2 piece fish servers 2 large basting spoons 2 massive serving forks 2 piece salad servers 6 serving spoons Box measures: 21″ x 15″ x 15 high. REF # PGYRR173BOX

Antique English 12pr Fish Knives & Forks. Sterling Silver Handles & Blades. 1904

English, Sterling Silver Hallmarked, Fish Knives & Fish Forks For 12 People. The Handles & Blades On The Knives & The Forks Are All Hallmarked. Knife Is 8.5″ Long. Fork Is 7.5″ Long. 12 Knives & 12 Forks. The firm of Carrington was named after its founder John Bodman Carrington who established his manufacturing business at 130 Regent Street, and was listed as a silversmith, goldsmith and jeweller working from the London premises of the Birmingham silversmiths G.R.Collis & Co. The business was re-styled Carrington & Co in 1880 and the firm specialised in extra strong silver plate for use in restaurants, hotels and ships. By the early 1890s Carrington were advertising themselves as jewellers, diamond merchants, dealers in precious stones and manufacturing silversmiths. At this time the partners were John Carrington, William Carrington Smith and George Bruford. They were awarded the Royal Warrant by Queen Victoria and would go on to gain the warrants of Prince Albert, Edward VII and George V, as well as Nicholas I and II and Queen Alexandra of Russia. In 1893 they created the beautiful Dorset bow brooch for Queen Mary and in 1911 they set the famous Cullinan diamonds numbers III and IV into a brooch/ pendant for her, a jewel now owned by the Queen who affectionately refers to them as ‘Granny’s chips’. John Carrington became Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths’ Company in 1903 and retired from his business in 1906 leaving W.C. Smith to continue as sole remaining partner. Carrington co-authored a book ‘The Plate of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths’ which was published shortly before his death in 1926. The firm was eventually bought out by the firm Collingwood. Most if not all items are antique or used items, and as such nothing is ‘perfect’, but we always will describe any damage, repair, inscriptions, monograms etc to the best of our ability. Please ask any questions BEFORE purchasing any item. All weights & measurements are approximate, but as accurate as possible. All items are available to inspect, and pick up, at our Manhattan gallery. We do not ship to PO Boxes. We use Fedex Ground shipping, and a signature is required for delivery. Don’t forget we offer free ground shipping on mainland USA.

Sterling Silver Fish Knives & Forks. Rokoko Pattern. Koch & Bergfeld

Complete Sterling Silver Fish Set For 12 People In The Rokoko Pattern By Koch & Bergfeld Pattern Designed In 1893. 12 Fish Knives  Approximately 8.4″ Long . 12 Fish Forks 7″ Long Weight Of 24 Pieces = 39 Troy Oz = 1214 Grams = 42.85 Regular Ounces Fischbesteck für 12 Personen.   Material: 925 Sterlingsilber.  Form: Rokoko

CJ Vander English Sterling Silver Fish Knives & Forks For 12 People. Old English

A Set Of English, Sterling Silver, 12 Fish Knives & 12 Fish Forks, With  Sterling Silver Handles & Blades. No Filling Or Weighting In The  Handles, Means that  The One Piece Sterling  Handles & Blades Cannot Separate. Made By CJ Vander, The Last Of The British Premier Silversmiths. The Plain, Old English Pattern, Makes It An Easy Match To Most Of The Simpler Patterns.  Knife Is 8.5″ Long. Fork Is 7.5″ Long. Both Are Hallmarked On The Rear. 18 Years Old, Dated 2001.   Most if not all items are antique or used items, and as such nothing is ‘perfect’, but we always will describe any damage, repair, inscriptions, monograms etc to the best of our ability. Please ask any questions BEFORE purchasing or bidding on any item. All weights & measurements are approximate, but as accurate as possible. Please view all the pictures as they form part of the description. All items are available to inspect, and pick up, at our Manhattan gallery. We do not ship to PO Boxes. We use Fedex Ground shipping, and a signature is required for delivery. Don’t forget we offer free ground shipping anywhere on mainland USA. We ship worldwide. Please contact us for a shipping quote.  HISTORY OF CJ VANDER: When in 1886, Cornelius Joshua Vanderpump registered his mark at the London Assay Office, he stepped into the pages of history. Having apprenticed with Martin Goldstein of Macrae and Goldstein, the young apprentice soon showed his skill and in 1886 Joshua acquired the business. He anglicized his name to Vander and the business flourished, numbering many of London’s leading retailers among its customer By 1904, when Joshua died, two of his sons – Henry and Alfred – had joined the business and registered their marks at Goldsmiths Hall. The firm expanded and moved and continued to prosper until the outbreak of World War I. In the post war years, sales again increased and the 1920’s and 30’s saw the business grow not only at home, but also in the USA where C.J. Vander built an impressive export business. Succeeding generations of the Vander family, too, continued to be involved in the company. In 1926, Alfred’s eldest son Norman joined from school and took charge of production. He was soon joined by his cousin Arthur. The gathering storm clouds of war once more appeared on the horizon and there were no silver linings. The company’s premises in Betterton Street were compulsorily purchased in 1938. Alfred died in 1939, and in 1941, enemy action led to the destruction of the greater part of C.J. Vander’s new premises in Fetter Lane. The few employees who had not been called up into the armed forces, were moved to a factory where their skills were used for producing aircraft parts. In the post-war years, rebuilding its business was made all the more difficult by the Government’s imposition of a punitive purchase tax which rose to a peak of 125 percent, decimating the U.K.’s traditional silver industry. Thanks to its existing export business, and the fact that it had become an established dealer in second-hand and antique silver, C.J. Vander was in a stronger position than many of its competitors. The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company (Garrards) asked C.J. Vander to produce hand-forged flatware from the dies of a unique range of patterns which had belonged to the defunct company, Francis Higgins. C.J. Vander took on some of Higgins’ former craftsmen, who passed on their skills, enabling the firm to keep alive one of the traditional crafts. Richard, Henry’s son, the brother of Arthur, joined in 1949. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 gave fresh impetus to the silver market, and C.J. Vander enjoyed considerable success. In the late 50’s, the firm moved to its present premises in St. Cross Street. Meanwhile, members of the Vander family continued to join and run the business. In 1965, John Vander, Norman’s elder son joined the company. Three years later, Norman’s second son, Robert, followed in his brother’s footsteps and Anthony, Richard’s son, joined in 1981. Today, all the knowledge, skills, dies, patterns, and traditions which C.J. Vander has acquired over the many decades of its existence, culminate in the superbly crafted silverware, sought by discerning customers all over the world. In 1996, C.J. Vander was acquired by Syratech Corporation, owners of the leading silver brands in the USA. Richard and Anthony Vander continue to work in the business. Syratech Sold CJ Vander in 2003 to a management buyout group, and finally, after 120 years, CJ Vander closed their doors forever in 2007.

James Robinson, Sterling Silver 12 Pr. Fish Knives & Forks. 24 Pieces

Solid sterling silver set of fish knives & forks, made in London by James Robinson. The handles & the blades are solid silver, not filled or weighted. Knife blades & fork tines have a classic hand engraved thread on the front side edge, and both are hallmarked on the rear. Set comes complete with the original James Robinson anti tarnish bags. Hallmarked London England 1992 -1994. Knife is 9″. Fork is 7.75″.

12 Sterling Silver Gilt Dessert Forks Chased Grape & Vine Pattern

Chased Grape & Vine, Sterling Silver Gilt Dessert Forks 6 1/3″ Long.  Forks Weigh A Total Of 685 Grams Retailed By Shreve, Crump & Low Of Boston, The Oldest Purveyor Of Luxury Goods In North America.  The Forks Were Probably Custom Ordered From England, As The Chased Grape & Vine Is An English Pattern. The Forks Only Have The Retailers Mark Of Shreve, And The Sterling Mark

Antique German Silver Fish Set for 18 People. 36 Pieces in Original Fitted Case

Solid silver fish eaters for 18 people, made by Bruckmann & Sons Silversmith, Heilbronn in Germany. The handles are of an Art Nouveau design, with a blank cartouche on the front, the blades with a beautiful hand engraved decoration. The handles and blades are solid silver, the handles have no weighting or filling, and therefore will not separate. Each knife and fork are clearly marked on the rear with the German 800 silver mark, the half moon and crown, and the symbol of Brickman silversmiths. Date circa 1890. Can also be used as an hors d’oeuvre set. The 36 pieces are fitted into three trays in the original well worn case, although the flatware itself is in very good condition. No monograms or initials or removals Knife measures 8 1/8″ long, fork is 7 1/4″ long the case is 15.25″ x 10 1/8″ x 4.25″ high.

Kings Pattern, Sterling Silver Fish Knives & Forks, Mappin & Webb, 24 Pieces

English, Sterling Silver, Fish Knives & Fish Forks For 12 People In The Kings Pattern. Made By Mappin & Webb, Dated 1928. The Set Is Solid Silver, The Handles & The Blades, And The Handles Are Not Filled Or Weighted So They Won’t Separate From The Blade. 12 Knives 8.75″ Long. 12 Forks 7.50″ Long. All Fully & Correctly Hallmarked With The Same Date & Makers Marks

Superb, Antique English, Sterling Silver, Chased & Pierced Vine Set. 38 Pcs.

Chased & Pierced Vine Pattern, Antique English, Sterling Silver Boxed Set For 18 People. Made By George Adams, The Premier Flatware Maker Of The Victorian Period. Handles & Blades Are Sterling Silver And Hallmarked, As Are The Grape Shears & The Sifter Spoon. Set Consists Of 18 Knives 8 1/8″. 18 Forks 6 2/3″. Grape Shears 7″. Sifter Spoon With Pierced Vermeil Bowl 6″. London Circa 1872. Box Is Approx. 14.6″ x 10.1″ x 3″ High Chased and Pierced Vine pattern was first produced by the great Victorian silversmith Francis Higgins for the Great Exhibition of 1851 held at the Crystal Palace in London, as is now recognized as one of the most extraordinary silver flatware patterns in the world. Each piece of silver flatware is individually hand-forged, and then very carefully chased, entirely by hand, in the shape of interwoven grapes and vines. This magnificent silver flatware is exceptionally heavy, and brings the height of luxury to your dining-room.
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Antique English, Sterling Silver & Gilt, Boxed Set With Pearl Handles. 36pcs.

36 piece set, in fitted case. 12 knives & 12 forks with sterling silver vermeil blades and pearl handles, the 12 spoons are all sterling with vermeil. The spoons with hand engraved crest. The knives hallmarked Matthew Boulton dated 1812, 8″ long. The forks ib dated 1879, 6.5″ long. The spoons by George Adams, 1879, 6 5/8″ long. All fitted in box, 18.75″ x 9.75″ x 3.5″ high. The box showing signs of distress on cover. Set was retailed by Burfitt antiques on Albemale street in Piccadilly London. We have found catalogues printed by Burfitt, an exclusive antique gallery in London, from the early 1900s through the late 1930s.
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Sterling Silver & Mother Of Pearl Boxed Set Knives & Forks

12 Pair Of Pearl Handled Knives & Forks With Sterling Silver Blades. Made By Mappin & Webb, Dated 1921. The Blades & Tyne Are Sterling Silver And Are All Fully & Correctly Hallmarked. The Pearl Is In Good Condition, With No Cracks Or Breaks. Knives Are 7 1/3″ Long. Forks Are 6 1/8″ Long. The Box 11.25″ x 9.5″ x 2″ High
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English Kings Pattern, Fish Knives & Forks. 12pr. Sterling Silver

English, Sterling Silver, Fish Knives & Forks In The Ever Popular Kings Pattern. Made As One Piece With A Solid Silver Handle & Blade, Made By Gee & Holmes, Dated 1961. 12 Knives & 12 Forks. All Fully Correctly Hallmarked. Knife Is 8.25″ Long. Fork Is 7.30″ Long
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Sterling Silver Fish Knives and Forks, 12 Pair Bateman Style by CJ Vander

English, sterling silver fish knives and forks in the rare Bateman pattern by the premier silversmiths CJ Vander. These are solid silver, handles and blades and are not weighted or filled. Set of 12 knives and 12 forks. Typical of The Hester Bateman style with a bead border and bright cut decoration on the front of the handle. The rear with just the bead border. Knife is 8.375″ long. Fork is 7.5″ long. Good clear hallmarks on the rear of each piece.
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Japonisme Aestetic American Dessert/Fruit Set. Mixed Metals, 24 Pieces

Antique mixed metals set of 12 knives and 12 forks made in Japanese Meiji period style. The knife handles made of silver, brass and copper and featuring incredible figural decorations: Depictions of flowers, birds and animals as well as fishing and sailing scenes. The silver plated blades are marked with the manufacturer’s mark Landers, Frary & Clark, Aetna Works, circa 1880-1890. 12 knives 8 5/8″ long. 12 forks 8″ long.
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Antique English, Sterling Silver Dessert Serving Set. Victorian c.1868

A Superb Quality, Highly Detailed, Antique Victorian, Sterling Silver Boxed Set. Cake Or Pastry Knife & Fork And Grape Shears. The Handles On The Knife & Fork Are Of A Dimensional Berry & Leaf, The Blades Have An Intricate Hand Engraved Floral Decoration, And Each Item Has A Beautiful Hand Engraved Crest With A Dove Above Castle The Blades & The Handles Of The Knife & Fork As Well As The Entire Scissor Are Sterling Silver And Are All Fully And Correctly Hallmarked. An Exceptional Set. Made By John Gilbert Circa 1868 Knife 11 3/4″ Fork 9 1/2″ Grape Shears 7″ Case 13″ x 6 1/4″ x 1 1/2″ high

18pr. Of Sterling Silver, Pistol Handled Fish Knives & Forks

Set Of 18 Pair Of Fish Knives & Forks In Solid Sterling Silver, Hand Forged By CW Fletcher In London England For Spaulding – Gorham Inc. This Is An Exceptionally Good Quality Set, All Sterling, The Handle & The Blade, With No Weighting Or Filling In The Handles. The Style Is A Very Good Style, Being The Pistol Form, But With Paneled Sides. The Maker, CW Fletcher Of London, Is Probably The Best 20th Hand Forged Silversmith, And Is Probably The Only Silversmith Still In Existence That Still Produces Hand Forged Silver. Fletchers Made Most Of James Robinson’s Silver In The 20th Century, And Is Now Owned By James Robinsons, And Called Fletcher – Robinson. Each Piece Is Fully And Correctly Hallmarked, Dated 1938. This Really Is A Very Good Set, In A Good Style, By A Very Good Maker, And Nice Being For 18 People. Knife Is 8″ Long, Fork 7.125″ Other English Sets In Various Styles Available..

Complete Set Of 12 pr. English Silver Fish Knives & Forks

An English Sterling Silver Fish Set, Fitted In Wood Case, Complete For 12 People, In The Thread Pattern. 12 Knives & 12 Forks. Sterling Hallmarked Handles & Hallmarked Blades

Fish Knives & Forks. 18 Pairs. English Sterling Silver

18 Pair (36 Pieces), English Sterling Silver Fish Knives & Forks In Original 3 Tiered Case. Made In London 1908. Knife Is 8.75″ Long, Fork 7.75″. Thread Pattern. Each Piece Is Fully & Correctly Hallmarked, And Has A Beautiful Hand Engraved Monogram

Acorn by Georg Jensen. Fish Servers. Sterling Silver

Georg Jensen, Acorn pattern, two piece, hand hammered, fish serving set. Fork is 9.75″, knife is 10.5″ long.   We have a huge selection of Georg Jensen silver items, with a large inventory of Acorn pattern. Complete sets, serving pieces, & single, replacement, place pieces. All sizes. Over 1000 pieces of Jensen Acorn flatware always in stock.  The Acorn pattern was designed by Johan Rohde in 1915 for Jensen. Before becoming a designer for the studio, Johan Rohde was impressed by the craftsmanship of Georg Jensen. Their first collaboration dates from 1904, when Rohde commissioned Georg Jensen to make some objects for his own personal use. This collaboration was a great success for both sides.