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Antique English, Sterling Silver Flatware in the ‘Old English’ Pattern, 72 Pcs

Set for 12 people in the Old English pattern. Set consists of the following 12 table spoons approx. 8.5". 12 table knives (stainless blades) approx. 9.5" 12 table forks 8" 12 dessert / cheese knives (stainless blades) approx. 8.5" 12 dessert / salad forks approx. 7" 12 dessert spoons approx. 7" The set is all sterling silver, except for the stainless knife blades. The knives are obviously 20th century, with the stainless blades, the rest of the set is all 19th century, Victorian, of various dates and makers, but all with the same crest of a 'stag'. There is no crest on the knives. A good, usable, antique sterling silver service, for 12 people.

Country of Origin



Sterling Silver

Type / Pattern

Old English

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