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Antique Seven Piece Musician Band In Sterling Silver

Novelty seven-piece, sterling silver, seated musician table ornaments, with sprung 'Bobble Heads' The tops detach at the ruffled collars and musicians can be used as caddies or container for other paraphernalia. Made in Hanau, Germany and imported into England at the turn of the century. They bear the Hanau mark for Bernhard Mueller and also the English standard import marks for the year 1900. Each figure approx 7" to 8" high.

Hanau, once a free trade city in Germany, has a long history of silver manufacturing, which brought its silver manufacturers enormous prosperity and worldwide reputation. Neresheimer silver one of the biggest & most famous of the Hanau silversmiths largely exported to the United Kingdom,  between the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Berthold Mueller was an import firm, who distributed a lot of Neresheimer silver. The firm changed its name 1915 to Berthold Miller and was listed as wholesale silversmiths and jewellers, antique reproduction in silver, ivories, miniatures, enamels and so forth. Another importer of Hanau silver was J.G.Piddington which was independent of Berthold Muller and an import firm in their own right. The grandson of Piddington, John G.Smith jr. took the surname of his grandfather in 1900. J.G. Smith & Co are noted to have imported a great deal of silver, apparently an important part of their business until 1939. Many of these items, decorative in nature, of German origin. 



Country of Origin

Hanau, Germany


Sterling Silver


Circa 1900's


7" – 8" tall

Reference #