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Antique Sterling Silver Bar / Sandwich Tray 21.65″ x 10.25″. Grape & Vine Border

An unusual rectangular sterling silver tray with grape & vine decorated corners.
This elongated shape tray is often referred to as a bar tray or a sandwich tray, because of its practical shape, but it’s a very serviceable tray in almost any setting, and ideal as a presentation piece.
Made in the USA, by Barbour Silver Company, Hartford CT.
From the style, quality & maker, I would date this tray circa 1900.
Measures approximately 21.65″ x 10.25″.
Tray weighs 1515 grams = 48.75 troy oz = 53.50 regular ounces.
Just back from the silversmith, the tray has been polished and is ready to use.