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Stunning, Antique English Cast Border Cellini Style Sterling Silver Tray. Mappin & Webb. 31.25″ x 18.50″

  • $14,500.00

A Fantastic, Antique English, Sterling Silver, Cast & Pierced Border 2 Handled Tray. Made By Mappin & Webb, The Crown Jewelers.
Hallmarked London 1920.
The Neo Classical Cellini Pattern Featuring A Cast Border With Frieze Of Medusa Masks, Lions, Cornucopia & Fruit Vines , Within A Laurel Rim. The Cast Handles With Bacchus Masks.
The Center With A Beautiful Hand Engraving Of Spread Eagles, Garlands & Scrolling Foliage.
The Casting & Engraving Are Very Crisp & Clean.
The Hallmarks Are On Underside Of Tray
Tray Measures 31.25″ x 18.50″
Highly Decorative, Usable Tray For A Multitude Of Purposes.

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